I know I trend on the lovey-dovey side of my relationship with my wife, but truth be told for the most part that is what life is like.  She is a wonderful person who I was lucky to find at a rough time in my life, a destructive time that could have gone two ways, and I’m in her debt because of the way that it did.

We have are problems, sure, just like any other couple, but we bounce back from each altercation stronger and more in line with each other than before.  We are far from perfect, she can be bossy and demanding at times,  and worried and overly anxious about what might happen rather than what is.  I, on the other hand, am relaxed and agreeable, and not overly sensitive about my feelings or in too much of a hurry to get to what happens next.  What we’ve come to completely agree about is that it’s all the little things we are for each other that keep us strong and help to build faith in our relationship.

What I learned today about being a father:

The days are flying overhead like aF16 leaving smoke trails in the clouds.  I meant to go to work today, but I didn’t.  I wasn’t ready yesterday and I knew this morning when I woke up (for the 4 time in 5 hours, kids these days) that it wasn’t my time.  I relaxed a bit, and when I broke the news to mama she started crying.  I didn’t know why she was crying, but then she gave me a big kiss and a hug, a sign that I’m still just as important to her now as the day we got married.

She told me how much she appreciates me taking all this time off of work to be with her and child.  I told her that this is just a part of being daddy.  She kissed me again, and for a second I thought that our passion had been reignited, the flame of our love burning brighter and hotter than ever and it was this moment that I knew that staying home wasn’t just the right thing to do for my family but the right thing to do because I wanted to make out with my wife.  I snuggled closer, skin on skin like, and then she handed me baby and told me to change his diaper.

Buzz kill.

What I think I know:

I claim to know a lot of things, but in reality I don’t know much.  I can’t read the signs from wife, let alone any other woman that I had a relationship with, but when I woke up today there was a sign, or rather, an instinct, that today was a great day to be daddy.

When mama got up from the bed and left me to diaper duty I was reluctant at first, but knew that any complaint I would make wouldn’t look good on my love-making resume for later.  I changed the poo-poo and got peed on, afterwards which the cat licked up than threw-up, cleaned that; picked up after the dog, gave her a bath because she had poo-poo on her butt; did the dishes (3 days worth, no recycling of dishes in this household, all by hand of course), vacuumed the one rug we have plus loaded, folded, and stuffed away three loads of laundry.  Mama held baby, watched, and smiled, because what I know is that all the little things are the big things, and being daddy makes all the little things worth while.

Being Daddy 101 Tip of the Week:

New topic; I’ll try to cue in a tip of the week to mix things up a bit.  I can’t say that I’ll remember, but maybe mama will remind me.

If you haven’t done so get a Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer for baby.  I don’t like to plug commercially, but it’s a charm.  Baby’s butt loves the damp, warm feeling of cloth cleaning him or her up.  TOPIC ALERT! If you do buy the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer and you have a baby boy be sure to shield his pee-pee when you change him.  If he’s anything like my son the warm wipes que a certain response that makes baby pee all over; craziest thing really.