Being Daddy is hard work, but can you imagine being mommy without the extra hands that being daddy provides? I am sharing this post because I continue to be inspired by BEING DADDY, not just standing on the sidelines letting mama carry the load.
There is a lot of great things out there for us dads to learn, so please enjoy this post and the many more to come!

sleeping should be easy

Dads are co-parents, not babysitters
On mom boards, I’ve been hearing from moms wondering how to get dads to pitch in more, particularly in the child-rearing department. They’re stay-at-home moms with husbands who expect them to handle the kids, or working moms who come home from work only to do even more work around the house. They’re not sure how to get their partners to ease some of the burden from their shoulders.

I’m not surprised with this situation. Women are seen as the nurturing gender, the caregivers of the family (maybe that’s why most schools, hospitals or single-income families I’ve seen tend to have female teachers, female nurses, and stay-at-home moms). Some parenting books even have a section “just for dad,” insinuating that most parenting falls on mom and, oh hey, dad can be involved too. SSBE reader (and dad) Chris from Babies and Dogs posted an article describing a parenting book with just…

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