When I woke up on Mother’s Day I hesitated.  It was earlier than usual for a Sunday, and I hadn’t been feeling good for  few days.  I wanted to go back to sleep for a few hours, join Jackie and Griffin for a few more hours of shut-eye.  I laid my head back down, staring up into the ceiling thinking about Jackie’s Mother’s Day gifts.  We had purchased a whole new set of workout paraphernalia, new shoes, new socks (buy one get one free!), a few new shirts with shorts to boot.  We don’t have the money, we are fighting our way out of debt, and yet I didn’t bat an eye at the things she said she needs.

What I learned today about being a father:

Workout clothes are not enough.  I started to daze away, my body so relaxed from the sounds of my family breathing and the echoing of cars driving by Mineral Point.  I love the sound of the city, the way tires rub heavy on the cemented roads. I love the way wind flows in through screened up windows, the way the leaves sway in the early morning sun.  Laying half asleep, I realized that it’s the sound of productivity, the moving and shaking of life finally waking up.

Archie licked my face and like that I was up and out of bed.  We put on some walking shoes and leashed up, went out for some fresh Mother’s Day air and Sunday sun.  We took a stroll to the store, bought some flowers and treats for Grandma and mama, some items to create a strawberry and spinach salad for the cookout we were having at the in-laws.  By 9AM I was prepping breakfast, lunch, and trying to make an epic splash for mamas first mother’s day.

By the time Jackie and Grif woke up I had burnt the bacon, overcooked the eggs and let the coffee get cold, but I had already ran to Brueggers Bagels for fresh made bagels and fresh brewed coffee, with roses.

What I think I know:

Being daddy is knowing that the first mamas day is the most important.  Take a load of off mama, and do your best to make her the breakfast of her dreams and deliver it bedside.  If you can’t, improvise.

So I messed up breakfast but I was spot on for lunch, dinner, and dessert (just cupcakes, but who doesn’t love cupcakes?).  Grif, grandpa, uncle and I shot some hoops, played some catch, and watched some basketball.  Grandma got to hold baby, mama got to chill, and even Archie was able to make a play date out of the day with grandparents dog, Sophie.  As un-special as everything was, it was probably the most special day we could have had.  Our family, all in one place to celebrate mommy dearest and her special day.  Even I can’t mess that up.

Like Griffin’s shirt says, “Mommy’s Rock!”  Hope you had a special day mamas, you deserve it.